2023 Battelle Bioremediation Symposium

Updated – This event has passed, however we have included pdf versions of available posters and presentations below.

The 2023 Battelle Bioremediation Symposium is scheduled for May 8-11, 2023 in Austin, Texas.

The Symposium’s technical program is tailored to cater to various professionals within the environmental sector, including scientists, engineers, regulators, remediation site owners, constructors, and other experts from universities, government agencies, consultants, and R&D and service firms worldwide. With an expected attendance of over 700 professionals from 15 countries, it provides a platform for sharing innovative tools, research results, practical experiences, and advancements in bioremediation.

The program is designed to reflect the current state-of-the-science data collection, analysis, and visualization and features novel approaches in remedy design and implementation to manage contamination effectively. The 2023 program includes sessions and panel discussions that cover a wide range of topics such as emerging contaminants, management of PFAS, climate change mitigation strategies, regulatory frameworks for emerging contaminants, classical bioremediation technologies, natural attenuation and sustainability tools, and robotic technologies used in the environmental field.


Accessing Difficult Geology for Characterization and Injection Using the New GeoTAP™ Method. D. Pizarro and T. McCullough. Derek Pizarro (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

Fiscally Conscious DNAPL Remediation: Legacy Liability to Managed Closure. W.L. Brab and K.E. Thompson. Bill Brab (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

Innovative Bioremediation Approach Implemented in Complex Karst Geology to Treat LNAPL Releasing from Seeps to a Creek and Residential Properties in Gallatin, Tennessee. D. Guilfoil and G. Stephenson. Duane Guilfoil (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

High Resolution Site Characterization for Bioremediation in Fractured Rock. N. Thacker and B. Brab. Nathan Thacker (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

Quantitative High-Resolution Site Characterization to Support Petroleum Remediation in Piedmont Geology. N. Thacker, S. Ghiold, and A. Quarles. Nathan Thacker (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

Quantitative High-Resolution Site Characterization (qHRSC) and Lessons Learned. Derek Pizarro and Duane Guilfoil (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)



*In Situ Bioremediation of Shallow Dispersed LNAPL Plume Travelling under a Major Highway. D. Guilfoil, G. Simpson, N. Thacker, and N. Mau. Duane Guilfoil (AST Environmental, Inc./USA)

*Combined In Situ Treatment Methods and Technologies Reduce Mass at Large DNAPL Solvent Site. M. Mazzarese and G. Simpson. Mike Mazzarese (AST Environmental, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Case Study for the Injection of BOS 200+ to Remediate Saturated Zone LNAPL at the Former Marshall Iron & Metal Site, Marshall, Michigan. M. McGowan, J. Gal, and G.E. Simpson. Gary Simpson (AST Environmental, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Amendment Delivery Methodology for Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Installation in a Challenging Lithology at Shaw AFB, Sumter, South Carolina. G. Simpson, D.A. Pizarro, D. Christensen, S. Palakur, and J. Chytil. Derek Pizarro (AST Environmental, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Degradation of 1,4-Dioxane and CVOCs by Iron Impregnated Activated Carbon (CAT100). S. Noland. Scott Noland (Remediation Products, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Do You Know Your Site? Qualitative Characterization, Modeling, and Remediation to Predict Site Closure. W.L. Brab and R. Paulson. Bill Brab (AST Environmental, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

* The Potential Impact of Activated Carbon Grain Size on Bioremediation. E.W. Winner. Ed Winner (Remediation Products, Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Living Room, Transportation, and Biofilm Community: The Overlooked Infrastructure in Subsurface Microbial Biodegradation. E.W. Winner. Ed Winner (Remediation Products,Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here

*Permeable Reactive Transects for Treatment of Hexavalent Chromium in Varied Geology. D. Pizarro, T. McCullough. Derek Pizarro (AST Environmental Inc./USA) – PDF Available Here