Back to the Future – See you in Louisville!

Dear Friends of RPI,
As we prepare for our sponsorship of the 2018 Tanks Conference in Kentucky (Booth #1!), we’re reminded of a wildly successful BOS 200® project, also in Kentucky, that achieved an NFA letter 9 years ago in 2009. After 17 years and over $750,000 work that was unsuccessful, RPI Group stepped in with BOS 200® and a plan for successful remediation.

The Shively site at Kentucky’s Corrective Action Underground Storage Tank Branch was plagued with problems, including three-quarters of a million spent on mechanical “remediation” systems that (you guessed it) failed to remediate the site. After an on-site investigation, RPI was able to reduce the cost of total remediation to just $120,000. And the results were incredible! Click here to read through the case study.

Mark Sweet, a Professional Geologist with Shield Environmental Associates (Lexington, KY) was very happy with the results of this project, which accelerated a Pay-for-Performance project to completion in less than a year. Their confidence in Trap and Treat® products has resulted in ongoing discussions on how the Kentucky USTB can apply the BOS 200® approach to other sites on a “pay-for-performance” basis. Many thanks to Duane Guilfoil and Gary Simpson of AST Environmental, a remediation and contracting company with offices in Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina and our Authorized Installer on this project. Unfortunately, there are thousands of such stagnation stories in every state. Due to certain lithologies, access issues and intermittent funding deficiencies, BOS 200® can’t clean them all up. The good news: BOS 200® can be used to get NFAs or achieve other project goals at many of them.

Success stories with BOS 200®‘s unique properties are no mistake…they’re the norm! Whether the client seeks an NFA, plume shrinkage, contamination reduction leading to enhanced natural attenuation, or predicting reduction to match limited funds, BOS 200® can accommodate them. Now that’s environmental remediation that really works.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Kentucky this year, don’t forget to stop by Booth #1 and say hello!

Best regards,

Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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