Battelle 2018 – It’s a Really Big Show!

The Beatles won’t be there and those mid-century homes where the “Rat Pack” once partied are now vacation rentals. Nevertheless, the Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds (April 8 -12, 2018 / Palm Springs, CA) is a “Really Big Show”. Our exhibit (spaces 713 and 715) is conveniently located in the middle of the exhibit hall and close to food and beverages. Stop by and get the 411 on Trap & Treat® BOS 100®, BOS 200®, and our newest innovation, CAT 100. This May, we will celebrate our sixteenth year as THE pioneers of activated carbon-based in situ remediation products. If you are fortunate enough to be in attendance, I’ve provided a list (below) of RPI Group-related platform presentations and posters.

C Sessions – Injectable Activated Carbon Amendments
Platforms Wednesday. Posters Wednesday evening. Chairs: Jim Fenstermacher and Anthony Nelson (U.S. Navy).

Recommended Platforms

Opportunities and Limitations of DNAPL Treatment via Injectable ZVI/Carbon: Results of Bench- and Field-Scale Tests – Wednesday, 10:30 AM, Primrose C. Matthias Ohr (AECOM/USA, S. Lloyd and S. Noland (Remediation Products, Inc./USA).

In Situ Groundwater Remediation by Activated Carbon (AC)-Based Amendments at Several CERCLA and RCRA Sites – Wednesday, 10:55 AM, Primrose C. Dimin Fan (U.S. EPA/USA).

Recommended Posters

Challenges of a Large-Scale In Situ Application of Activated Carbon, Nutrients and Bacteria at the DSH Food and Gas Site in Areas with Limited Access. John Fontana (Vista Geoscience Inc./USA), B. Davis, and M. K. Larsen.

In Situ Remediation of Former Industrial Area (Redeveloped to New Housing Buildings) with Innovative Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination Technology. Gabriel Giorgio Ceriani (Ejlskov A/S Denmark)

Rapid Site Closure of a Large Gas Plant Using In Situ Bioremediation Technology in Low-Permeability Soil and Fractured Bedrock. Tom Harp Remediation Risk Reduction, LLC/USA).

Combined Remedies Address Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at an Industrial Site. Mike Mazzarese (AST Environmental, Inc./USA).

D Sessions – Advances in Monitoring Injection Effectiveness (e.g. Radius of Influence). 
Platforms Tuesday. Posters Monday Evening. Victor Medina (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) and Scott Noland (Remediation Products, Inc./USA).

Recommended Platforms

Where’s Waldo: Finding Injected Amendments and Estimating Radius of Influence at a Former Retail Station in Rural Kentucky – Tuesday, 11:45 AM – Primrose D. Bill Brab (AST Environmental, Inc./USA).

Case Studies: Field QA/QC Monitoring of Subsurface BOS 100® Injections – Tuesday, 1:00 PM – Primrose D. Mike Mazzarese (AST Environmental, Inc./USA), Bruce Tunnicliffe, Nathan Lichti (Vertex Environmental/Canada).

Using Multiple Techniques to Monitor Effectiveness of In Situ Injections – Tuesday, 1:25 PM – Primrose D. Tom Harp (Remediation Risk Reduction, LLC/USA)

Recommended Poster

Using High-Resolution Data to Evaluate Distribution and Effectiveness of In-Situ Injectates – Tom harp (Remediation Risk Reduction, LLC/USA)

E Sessions – Managing/Remediating Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at Fractured Bedrock Sites.
Platforms Tuesday and Wednesday. Posters Monday Evening.

Recommended Platforms

PCE and Daughter Remediation in Limestone Bedrock: Brownfield Redevelopment of a Former Tubing Manufacturing Facility – Tuesday, 10:05 AM – Smoketree, Bill Brab (AST Environmental, Inc./USA).

Using Multiple Amendments and Delivery Methods to Treat Extensive PCE Impacts in Low-Permeability Soil and Bedrock Matrices – Wednesday, 3:05 PM – Smoketree, Tom Harp (Remediation Risk Reduction, LLC/USA).

Recommended Poster

After the Injections: Karst Remediation of PCE. Karen E. Thompson (Smith Management Group/USA).

F Sessions (Tuesday) – In Situ Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons.
Platforms Tuesday. Posters Monday Evening. Chairs: Bob Elliott (Remediation Products, Inc.) and Sanjay Garg (Shell Global Solutions, Inc.).

Recommended Platform

Remediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sites Using High Frequency Investigation/Sampling as Design Tool: Scandinavian Approach – Tuesday, 10:55 AM, Sierra/Venture, Gabriele Giorgio Ceriani (Ejlskov AS/Denmark).

F Sessions (Thursday) – Managing/Remediating Petroleum Impacts at Fractured Bedrock Sites.

Platforms Thursday. Posters Wednesday Evening. Chairs: Duane Guilfoil (AST Environmental, Inc./USA) and Ryan Wymore (CDM Smith, Inc./USA).

Recommended Platform

Characterization and In Situ Remediation in a Complex Fracture-Flow Regime – Thursday, 2:15 PM, Sierra/Venture, Bill Brab (AST Environmental, Inc./USA).

Recommended Posters

In Situ Injections for Remediation of a Former Gas Station. Theresa Sorrells (Alpine Remediation, Inc./USA) and M. Critchley.

Compartmentalized Approach to Bedrock and Overburden Remediation at a Legacy Petroleum Site. Brandt Morrow (AECOM/USA) and Nathan Thacker (AST Environmental, Inc./USA).


Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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