BOS 200® “Eclipses” Expectations at LNAPL Sites

It sure seems like a good day to discuss being “blinded by the light”.

Since some of you in our newsletter family are not scientists, LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase liquid) is simply a liquid such as gasoline that is bound in soil or “floating” on groundwater at highly contaminated sites. Years ago (and even today to a lesser extent), conventional wisdom among environmental types was/is that a product like Trap & Treat® BOS 200® which employs an absorbent component would quickly be overwhelmed when encountering LNAPL and be rendered ineffective. Not so fast my friends…….

You see, prior to injection, BOS 200® is mixed with water, proprietary bacteria strains, nutrients and terminal electron acceptors. All of these components fully inhabit the BOS 200® BEFORE it’s exposed to LNAPL. You may think that water and gas don’t mix very well, and you’re right – but the BOS 200® allows LNAPL to coat and move along the pore surfaces so that mono-nuclear film forms right where the hungry bacteria reside. Dinner is served!

BOS 200® for LNAPL has not been an “experiment” for a long time (experienced clients rarely suggest pilot tests anymore – they know it works). For additional information about the RPI Group approach to in situ remediation and Trap & Treat® products, go to: http:/trapandtreat.com.

“See” you next month.