CAT 100 Destroys TCE & Daughter Products to Solve a 60+ Year Old Problem

This U.S. site had been substantially contaminated since the 1950s. Compromised drainage pipes were assumed to be the source of chlorinated solvent contamination across the site in both the saturated and unsaturated zones. High Resolution Characterization activities pinpointed a zone of concern between 8 feet and 46 feet below the ground surface. Sampling and pro bono analyses at the RPI Group Project Support Laboratory revealed TCE concentrations as high as 730 mg/L in groundwater and 5,350 mg/kg in soils.

In 2013, RPI Group executed a Remedial Design Characterization (RDC) consisting of 186 soil samples from 26 boring locations and 31 groundwater samples. The intelligence gathered was used to design a Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) to stop off-site migration of contamination with BOS 100®. The PRB injections took place in 2014. The next step was to treat the source area. Because it was thought that BOS 100 would not be economical for this application, soil mixing Sodium Permanganate was chosen and done in 2015. Fast forwarding 4 years, it was clear that something better was needed to complete the remediation of this property. CAT 100, a biologically enhanced version of BOS 100® designed to economically treat sites with high levels of contamination, was the selected remedy and those injections took place in the Spring of 2020.

To date, the results have been excellent. To review a more complete project summary, please click here.


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Litigation Update: IET Requests a Rehearing at PTAB, click here for more info.
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