CAT 100™ Packaging Inspires
“Pallets for Pigs” Initiative in Finland

You simply can’t make stuff like this up.

Back in March, I happened to be in Denmark and snapped a photo of Ejlskov A/S (RPI Group’s “face” in Europe) employees loading BOS 100® drums for shipment to a CAT 100™ project in Finland. Over the ensuing months, truckloads of product drums, packaged four to a pallet, have been shipped.

Fast forward to mid-June, I received an email with an attachment from Ejlskov’s project lead for the Finnish effort, Giorgio Ceriani. Giorgio is an accomplished engineer and very thorough, so I was expecting some sort of update on the progress of the CAT 100™ treatment installation. Giorgio sent me a picture of two pigs.

Although I grew up in Nebraska, I was not aware that pigs are highly stressed by wind. Turns out that one very resourceful Fin became enamored with the construction of our shipping pallets and determined that they might be quite useful as fencing for pig pens. What’s really funny is that the two pigs photographed with the “pallet fence” are the first pigs that this resourceful gentleman has ever owned.

The repurposing of our shipping materials didn’t stop there, as it turns out that our product drums are easily converted into meat/fish smokers, talk about a circular economy. All of this means that the pigs are very happy – for now.