Comingled Plume? No Problem!

CGRS Environmental Services and RPI Group Approved Installer, Vista Geoscience, were a bit surprised at what happened recently at a Denver hydrocarbon site they were remediating with Trap & Treat® BOS 200® injections. In late 2011, PCE contamination was also discovered (most likely coming from an upgradient dry cleaner). The client stated “The data shows that the BOS 200® injections have worked very well, even on the chlorinated solvents.” How can that be?!Comingled plumes are somewhat rare, but they’re out there. Scott Noland, President of Remediation Products, Inc., explains: “Enhanced anaerobic bioremediation of fuel hydrocarbons encompasses a multitude of metabolic pathways, some of which can cause reductive dechlorination of solvents through a co-metabolic mechanism. Not that anyone would do this on purpose, but toluene will actually degrade vinyl chloride.”
An NFA will be requested in March 2015 once post‐injection monitoring requirements have been fulfilled.

Click here for more information on this highly successful project.

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