Ed Winner Joins RPI Group as VP of Remediation Products, Inc.

It is my honor and pleasure to announce that Ed Winner has joined our RPI Group team as Vice President of Remediation Products, Inc.  Over the past 19 years our devotion to having the best products, processes and people has never failed us.  Scott & I have known Ed for a long time – he’ll make us better.

Edward Winner, Ph.D., comes to RPI after twenty-one years with the Kentucky state government. During that tenure Edward held a variety of roles, including a risk assessor and toxicologist, a supervisor for a Department of Energy facility, manager of the state’s Underground Storage Tanks Branch, and an assistant division director. Before his time in state government, Edward worked in academia for 10 years, researching and teaching as a postdoctoral fellow studying proliferative vitreoretinopathy and variable calcium channel expression in brain and heart tissue.

At RPI, Edward will focus on product research and development, and serving as a liaison to government agencies dealing with contamination issues. He brings expertise in statistical analysis, groundwater sampling design, site assessment and conceptual site modeling, exposure analysis and risk assessment, toxicology, and molecular biology and physiology.

When he’s not working, Edward enjoys hiking, home remodeling, and gardening with his wife.

Ed can be contacted at ed@trapandtreat.com.

Kind Regards,

Bob Elliott

Remediation Products, Inc.

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