Ejlskov A/S Remediation Success Glows in the Northern Lights!

The considerable resources of Ejlskov A/S (Aarhus, Denmark) and RPI Group were mustered to create a phenomenal remediation result at a former dry cleaning operation located in Northern Europe.

The challenges were many: DNAPL levels of PCE, complex hydrogeology and injecting inside a building basement with less than 7 feet of vertical clearance.

To have any chance for success, an extensive Remediation Design Characterization (RDC) was required. 45 Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) points were incorporated to define the optimum positioning of 21 soil core locations and 13 newly installed monitoring wells. 255 soil samples and 38 groundwater samples were collected and submitted to the RPI Group Project Support Laboratory for pro bono analyses. The resultant injection plan called for the injection of 50,000 kg of CAT 100 in areas where DNAPL was present and 3,800 kg of BOS 100® in contaminated areas where free product was not detected.

Giorgio Ceriani, Senior Engineer with Ejlskov A/S and project lead for this project, will present “DNAPL Remediation Using CAT 100 and BOS 100 at European Industrial Site” at 10:00 AM (Denver Time) on April 6, 2021. Please click here to register for his webinar.

To bring yourself up to speed regarding this project prior to Giorgio’s presentation, please click here to view the project summary and data from more than 1,300 days of monitoring. This site is yet another example of how effective the RPI Group Approach has proven to be for almost 20 years.

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