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May 2, 2002 was the official beginning of Remediation Products, Inc. That’s when we began challenging the status quo of the remediation product manufacturers, putting project quality control and results first. Over the past 15 years, we’ve unquestionably proven that a remediation-specific investigation paired with one of our treatment products, and a quality installation almost always achieves project cleanup goals.

Since day one, we’ve made great strides to move our industry forward. In 2003, we completed our first BOS 200® project at a hydrocarbon contaminated site. Shortly after, in 2004, the first BOS 100® project came along at a solvent contaminated site. Seven years later, RPI Group was established, followed by the implementation of operations in Europe (2012), Canada (2015), and South Africa (2015). This year, CAT 100™ (BOS 100® modified for DNAPL applications) was introduced and CAT 200™ (BOS 200® modified for LNAPL applications) will soon see the light of day at the upcoming Fourth International Symposium On Bioremediation And Sustainable Environmental Technologies.

RPI Group has become a multinational, multicultural group of independent companies who share common values. The multiple millions of pounds of product and dollars that resulted were very much appreciated and humbling, but improving the way our industry thinks about cleaning up sites will hopefully be our true legacy.

Come and visit us at Battelle and check out one of the RPI Group Platforms:

When it comes to Remediation, LNAPL is a Four-Letter Word: Activated Carbon may provide an answer
Session B8 – Scott Noland ( (Remediation Products Inc. Golden, CO)

New Technology Applied at Indiana Industrial DNAPL Site
Session D6 – Scott Noland ( (Remediation Products Inc. Golden, CO)
Ben Iden ( (AMECFW, Ohio, USA)
Gary Simpson ( (AST Environmental, Midway, KY)

High Resolution Sampling and Surgical Injection of BOS 200® to Successfully Eliminate LNAPL and Treat Large Hydrocarbon Plume (Abstract #330) Duane Guilfoil ( (AST Environmental, Midway, KY)

No Further Action: A Case Study on High Resolution Site Characterization and Bioremediation in a Fractured Bedrock Setting (Abstract #602) Duane Guilfoil ( (AST Environmental, Midway, KY)

Thanks for joining us on the journey, we’re just getting started!