The Inconvenient Truth About In Situ Injections of Carbon-based Products

The Inconvenient Truth About In Situ Injections of Carbon-based Products

As this newsletter goes out on the Web, I am participating in the Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Palm Springs, California. Yesterday, when I walked around the massive exhibit hall, I was utterly amazed by several product vendors taking considerable liberties with the capabilities of activated carbon. I was blown away by the notion that activated carbon suddenly gets “smarter” when it is put in the ground instead of an aboveground vessel and that organic compounds can be “sequestered” essentially forever.

For almost 16 years, our products have been called Trap & Treat® for a reason. We have never sold a product that “trapped only”. Since we invented the CBI technology, you would think that we would have been the first in situ product supplier to address PFOA/PFOS. Frankly, our current products and delivery approach would work as well or better (for the purpose of PFOS/PFOA sequestration) than any of the CBI products that have stepped out on that limb. Getting on that limb, as lucrative as that might be for us, is not in the best interest of our customers. I strongly urge you to view thisinterview with my business partner, Scott Noland, President of Remediation Products Inc. Scott oversees the largest and perhaps only “wet” carbon laboratory in the world – he speaks the truth, even when it’s not convenient for everyone.


Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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