Introducing Performance-Based Contracts

Introducing Performance-Based Contracts

Confidence in our Processes, Products, and People Made Tangible

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Dear Valued Partners,

As Remediation Products Inc. (RPI) and AST Environmental Inc. (AST) are celebrating our 22nd year of collaboration and performance, we are excited to unveil an innovative addition to our offerings: Performance-Based Contracts (PBCs). With a proven track record of successful Trap & Treat® projects, our confidence in our processes, products, and people is made tangible in offering PBCs.

The heart of our PBCs is a refined methodology honed over two decades, seamlessly integrating each aspect of a remediation project. We start with Remedial Design Characterization (RDC) to confirm and enhance the existing site data with additional, comprehensive, high-density, quantitative data and appropriate modeling. The RDC is integral to our approach to remediation, which rests on three key elements.

Reliable Technologies: Pioneering carbon-based injectables, RPI has remained at the forefront of innovation. From the groundbreaking BOS 100® and BOS 200® to the latest advancements in CAT 100 and BOS 200+®, we offer the world’s most widely applied activated carbon technologies, ensuring unparalleled effectiveness and reliability.

Proprietary Injection Techniques: Unleashing the power of in situ delivery systems, our highly trained field personnel employ custom-built injection systems to tackle even the most challenging geologies. We have consistently achieved successful delivery in consolidated and unconsolidated geologies and challenging transition zones (e.g., weathered bedrock, saprolite) where traditional direct push technologies (DPT) injection and straddle packers are ineffective. Our techniques ensure precise deployment of the Trap & Treat technologies, delivering results where others falter.

Cradle to Grave Analytical Laboratory Support: Our commitment to comprehensive support extends from initial sampling to performance monitoring, with rigorous analysis conducted at every stage. With RPI, you can trust that your project receives unparalleled attention to detail and accuracy, ensuring optimal outcomes from start to finish.

This proven combination of remedial design characterization supported by RPI products, proprietary installation techniques, and meticulous analytical support underwrites the history of performance we celebrate. Our confidence in our processes, products, and people allows us to offer you PBCs. While we recognize that not every site will fit this contracting opportunity, we invite you to explore the possibilities.

If you’re seeking a trusted partner who combines technical expertise with a commitment to delivering results backed by the assurance of a Performance-Based Contract, we’re here for you.

Contact us today to discover how RPI and AST can elevate your remediation projects to new heights of success.