Long Term BOS 200 Success at LNAPL Site in Denmark

Hats off to the Municipality of Brondby, Denmark and RPI Group’s European affiliate, Ejlskov A/S!

Regulatory notice that active remediation is now complete has recently been issued for one of the busiest petrol stations in Denmark. Click here to see the announcement. The station was in a difficult situation following a major petroleum release in 2003. Should they shut down the business for an extended period of time to dig and haul at great expense or gamble with an in situ approach that would minimize interruption of service to their thousands of customers?

In 2012, Ejlskov A/S was chosen to begin pilot testing with Trap & Treat® BOS 200®. Given the presence of significant Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) and BTEX/TPH groundwater concentrations far exceeding regulatory standards, the pilot testing included test injections of BOS 200 and an extensive Remediation Design Characterization (RDC) to ensure success. Hundreds of RDC soil & groundwater samples were analysed pro bono at the RPI Group Project Support Laboratory. Click here to see the project summary.

Obviously, the many people involved in this complicated project are very pleased that the ending was a happy one. Soren Moller Maretti, Retail Director of DCC Energy, who manages the Shell stations in Denmark, said the following: “The Municipality of Brondby has a large share in today’s removal of more than 95% of the gasoline contamination under the station. The Municipality had the courage to support the choice of a new environmental technology, and I’m obviously glad that their courage to take new steps has now been rewarded.”

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