The National Tanks Conference was held in Pittsburg. PA this year. Seeing the Three Sisters spanning the rivers reminds me of the grand origins of the Ohio River on which I live many hundreds of miles away. These waters connect the eastern U.S. Our history as a nation flows with them. ?as Tanks is my favorite conference. I like seeing my old friends and acquaintances I worked with in the regulatory community. I appreciate the focus on release prevention and closing contaminated sites. At its heart, Tanks is a conference that reminds us that petroleum releases impact people, communities, and cities. Releases, which never occur, are the best! When releases do occur, the timely destruction of the contamination at a reasonable cost is paramount. I like meeting with the people trying to build the programs and approaches that will make petroleum releases rare, clean-up efficient, and thus, ultimately. preserve the rivers, our history, and our future.

National Tanks Conference


Living Room, Transportation, and Community: The Overlooked Infrastructure in Subsurface Microbial Biodegradation – Edward Winner

Accessing Difficult Geology For Characterization and Injection Using the New Geotap™ Method – Derek Pizarro

Enhanced Source Zone Depletion Expedites Facility Closure — A Detailed Look at QHRSC Methods Paired with Leading In-Situ Remediation Methods and Technologies – Derek Pizarro


Mike Mazzarese: Applications of Activated-Carbon Based Amendments at Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Storage Tank Release Sites – A Technical Review

Edward Winner: When Microbes Hold their Breath

Nathan Thacker: Site Assessment for Bedrock Sites

Interested in hearing more on the topics we presented at Tanks?

Contact Edward Winner to set up a web presentation for your company or organization.

RPI Group sends a special thanks to Tanks and all of the sponsors who made this year’s conference a success!

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