Pre-Drill/DPT Technique + BOS 100® = Success at Former Military Site

So what do you do when your site has historical TCE contamination of up to 240,000 ppb in groundwater, at a depth of approximately 70 feet bgs, and DPT rigs are experiencing refusal at 35 feet bgs? You get in touch with the RPI Group.

A Remediation Design Characterization (RDC) was performed at this site in late 2015. Intelligence gathered with the RDC was used to surgically inject the site with BOS 100® in April of 2016. The depth and lithology challenges were easily met with the use of the Pre-Drill/DPT technique that RPI Group has developed and fine-tuned over the past 6 years or so. The site was most recently monitored in March of 2020 (1,305 days post-injection) and a 99.4% destruction of TCE was recorded along with elevated levels of destruction indicators such as chloride, ethylene, and acetylene. Check out the project summary here.
Wow, the response to our Spring Webinar Series was outstanding and very much appreciated! I often speak about the importance of “product, process, and people” when it comes to successful in situ remediation. All of that, and then some, was covered in the eight webinars. Our website now has a new heading called “videos” that includes recordings of our recent webinars. Click here if you would like to catch up.We have just begun our 18th year in business and this year will probably be the strangest of them all. One day soon, it is my hope and prayer that we can resume communicating with you all “in person”.

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Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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