If the Project is Going South, Go East and West

Over the past 14 years, I never cease to be amazed by the extent to which our RPI Group Approved Installers will go to make a Trap & Treat® injection project successful for our valued customers.

Our good friends at Alpine Remediation (an RPI Group Approved Installer since 2002) recently confirmed why we have had so much faith in them for such a long time. At a BOS 200® injection site in Kansas, Alpine began the injections using their standard injection system. Following RPI Group protocol, Alpine performed a few test injections and then advanced soil borings to evaluate distribution of the BOS 200® slurry. With standard pro bono support from the RPI Group Project Support Laboratory, it was quickly discovered that the hydrocarbon contamination resided in very sandy soils and that a high energy/high flow technique would be required in order to effectively remediate the site. Long story, short, Alpine had the wrong equipment on site.

Brothers Matt and Andy Steere quickly came up with a plan to switch out their single pump configuration (which works great at the 90% of our sites that reside in clay formations) for their double pump system. Andy headed East (from Alpine’s Golden, CO headquarters) with the double pump system and Matt headed West (from Kansas) with the single pump system in tow. I don’t have the exact mile marker where the exchange was executed, but the switch was just what the doctor ordered.

In addition to the equipment swap, the new soil cores revealed heavily impacted zones that were previously unknown. While injections were completed in the down gradient portion of the plume, revisions to the original injection plan were crafted by RPI Group personnel to address new data in the source area. The grid spacing was reduced to 7.5′ from the original 10′ plan and the associated BOS 200® dosing was adjusted.

As a result of Alpine’s efforts, product needs were actually reduced and a much more strategic plan was implemented. For more detailed information, please contact Tree Sorrells at Thank you Matt & Andy!