Remediation—Only Expensive When It Doesn’t Work

It’s true. The RPI Group approach to site remediation saves time and money. We stop the endless treatment train in its tracks. We understand that when remediation fails, the cost of the effort is compounded as the site remains open and time ticks away. And as time moves on, so do development opportunities and clients. We know how important it is for us to perform. And we do. At RPI, we are proud that 95% of our 1st-time customers return to use RPI Group services again.

The RPI Group came together for the 1st Annual RPI Group Worldwide Summit at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Our group came in from all over the world — Denmark, Canada, Kentucky and our very own Colorado. Besides figuring out how to take over the world, we had a great time snowmobiling and skiing. Colorado really delivered! The RPI Group will continue pushing the science and industry of remediation forward in the US and abroad with our unique approach that centers around our people, process, and products.

For more information about how the RPI Group can be of service, contact your country’s RPI representative.

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