RPI_Email_HEADER_September RPI Group Regional Spotlight – Pacific Northwest

It’s been an exciting month for the RPI Group in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We received news of No Further Action determinations in both Oregon and Washington, and we were involved in an extensive emergency response action.  Kudos to BB&A Environmental, an RPI Group Authorized Installer based in Oregon, for identifying Trap & Treat® BOS 200® as the remedy of choice for each of these applications.

Each project followed the proven RPI Group Approach of high density soil and groundwater sampling, analysis (pro bono as always!) at the RPI Quality Assurance Laboratory, and surgical application via either injection or trenching.

We’re up to 33 projects completed from Northern California to the Canadian border over the past several years and are looking for number 34, so please reach out us to discuss your potential petroleum hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvent remediation project.

Stay tuned, in the upcoming months we’ll be highlighting success stories in Southern California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, as well as our first project in Quebec.

Excavation of Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) trench


Trap & Treat® BOS 200® Injections

Join us in Northern California on November 14th (San Francisco) or November 15th (Sacramento) where the RPI Group will be presenting at a free combined remedy workshop.  For details please see this link.

We will also be presenting at the following conferences this fall: NGWA Conference on Fractured Bedrock and Groundwater (Oct 2-3), AEHS International Conference on Soil, Sediments, Water, and Energy (Oct 16-19), RE3 (Nov 1-3), and the NGWA Groundwater Summit (Dec 4-7).