​Angle-Injected BOS 100® PRB Pilot Succeeds at PCE Superfund Site

AST Environmental, Inc (RPI Group Member) working with AECOM in Statesville, North Carolina has successfully completed an angle-injected BOS 100® pilot test at a former textiles facility where PCE was used in a dry-cleaning operation. Based on eliminating 96% to 100% of the PCE in the test barrier area, the pilot test was deemed a success, resulting in approval for the full scale injection at the large site by the EPA.

The pilot test success is very exciting in that an angle-injected BOS-100® barrier will save our client a substantial sum of money compared to the other options evaluated. In addition, AST Environmental and RPI have been forward thinking and great to work with during preparation and in the field.”  – Caleb Krouse, PE  (Environmental Engineer, AECOM)
To read more on the characterization process and why an angled injection approach was chosen, read here.