In Situ Remediation – The Rest of the Story

Sometimes “try, try again” is the best mentality when it comes to remediation. Why try again? Because failed installations don’t always tell the whole story.

For example:  RPI-Group member Alpine Remediation recently was called in to a gasoline contamination project at an auto service station. An oxygen releasing product had been injected previously to little effect. Upon investigation, Alpine learned that the previous injection design had not been made in conjunction with soil core analysis—a step that would have come first had the site initially opted for the Trap and Treat® method.

Alpine immediately gathered soil cores, which indicated the proper dose and depth. The pilot study that followed was a smashing success. 1,950 pounds of BOS 200®, 5 gallons of Bacteria Concentrate, and 14 holes later, the pilot program led to a full-scale installation, offering hope to a site that had been written off as unusable due to the lack of supplemental soil core samples (particularly in the saturated zone).

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