8 Years is Enough! RPI Group & BOS 100® Tackle PCE Problem in Bedrock—Something Finally Worked!

The Problem:

In 2005, a phase I/phase II investigation revealed considerable (as much as 86 ppm in groundwater) PCE contamination at a retail dry cleaning operation. That news was bad enough, but the site sits on karst (clay over limestone bedrock), which meant that drilling, sampling, and installation of any kind of mechanical system or injecting remedial amendments would be a nightmare. In nearly 7 ½ years, a great deal of money was spent to achieve absolutely nothing…and the wildlife residents of a nearby creek were subject to seeping contamination.

The Solution:

When Smith Management Group (SMG) took over the environmental work at this site, they knew that not just any “solution” would do. To remediate this site, a superior team of environmental professionals would have to be paired with the best in situ remediation product available. SMG’s lead project manager, Karen Thompson, chose AST Environmental (an RPI Group Approved Installer), Remediation Injection Services (the “rock” stars formerly known as The Well Improvement Company), and Remediation Products, Inc. (inventors of Trap & Treat® BOS 100®) to get the job done. A combination of traditional and custom equipment was used to conduct discrete sampling, resulting in a high resolution Remediation Design Characterization (RDC) and a final BOS 100® injection design. Slurry injections of BOS 100® needed to be both precise and powerful—turns out that they were.

The Result:

The site is tracking well toward managed closure. As of the April, 2013 sampling all monitoring wells at the site (except one that is also trending down significantly) are below 0.5 ppm PCE and key bedrock wells are below the MCL. “Our team worked very hard and we are thrilled with the results, but the real winner is the property owner,” said Ms. Thompson. “He’s long overdue to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

For more information, please contact Karen at karent@smithmanage.com