Oy Vey!

The Brave New World of Performance-Based Remediation Contracts

What’s changed?

Performance-based remediation contracts are nothing new, but they’ve long been the exception rather than the rule.

What is new is a fast-growing trend for government agencies, major industrial companies, and the petroleum/natural gas sectors to deemphasize time and material remediation contracts in favor of fixed-price or performance-based contracts. For decades, failure to achieve project cleanup goals hasn’t resulted in a penalty…but the heady days of time and material bliss are coming to an end – FAST.

Why is RPI-Group focused on this issue?

Frankly, Trap & Treat® BOS 100® (chlorinated solvent remediation) and BOS 200® (fuel hydrocarbon remediation) were invented long before total and rapid cleanup was considered “good for business.” In a business environment where government entities and private industry chose to only “manage risk,” any old in situ remediation product or mechanical remedy would do. The new emphasis on remediation performance is real and it will not be going away. No one in this marketplace is better positioned in terms of products, approaches and project support than RPI-Group. Our time has come and we’re ready.

What do you do when success is the only option?

Contact RPI-Group early in your project scoping process. Our philosophy is simple: great products are not enough. High-resolution, site-specific investigation and strict installation protocols yield outstanding results.

To that end, we’ve developed rigorous controls related to supplemental site investigation (RPI provides free analysis of project support samples), installer training, and project quality control. When you follow our approach, BOS 100® or BOS 200® can get you across the finish line. It really is a brave new world.