RPI Group is pleased to announce the first of several webinars that will be part of a technical series focusing on in situ remediation best practices and the activated carbon based BOS 100® and BOS 200® products. The first webinar, titled “The Successful Approach to Remediation”, will take place on March 29th and 31st. The 30 minute webinar will present an overview of the series and provide insight as to how RPI Group approaches in situ remediation with systematic and surgical strategies. Additional topics in the technical series will be, but are not limited to:


  • Activated Carbon 101 – What you don’t know about activated carbon may surprise you
  • Trap & Treat® – What’s in a name?
  • The Importance of High Density Conceptual Site Models
  • Reagent Injection 101 – The importance of the last person to see your product go in the ground
  • Fractured Bedrock Remediation
  • NAPL Remediation
  • And more…

The March webinar will be available on two dates:  March 29th at Noon EST, and March 31st at Noon PST. To secure your spot, please RSVP Here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at