By now you’ve heard of Trap & Treat® BOS 200® and its uncanny ability to remediate LNAPL. If you’ve ever scratched your head and thought “bioremediation just can’t take place in an LNAPL environment, especially when it’s mixed with a product like BOS 200®” you’re not alone. In fact, LNAPL plus BOS 200® seems as uncanny as, well, oil and water.

Time to bust the myth that an in situ bioremediation product cannot effectively treat LNAPL. You see, prior to injection, BOS 200® is mixed with water and proprietary bacteria strains and extra terminal electron acceptors. The water, bacteria, macro- and micro-nutrients, and terminal electron acceptors all fully inhabit BOS 200® BEFORE it’s exposed to LNAPL. You may think that water and gas don’t mix very well, and you’re right—but the BOS 200® allows LNAPL to coat and move along the pore surface so that mono-molecular film forms right where the bacteria reside.

The result? Safe, effective, predictable bioremediation of LNAPL. (Our growing list of NFAs kind of helps with the myth-busting, too, if we do say so ourselves.)