RPI Group Expands Quality Assurance Center
to Support Trap & Treat® Projects


Since the beginning in 2002, our chances for success were always based on the combination of effective products with an approach to in situ remediation that was unprecedented.  A big part of that was our internal commitment to free analytical support.  I’m a recovering environmental laboratory sales professional.  Gosh, after all these years, I finally found a price point that can keep a laboratory eternally busy!
In the fall of 2014, we began the expansion of our Quality Assurance Center to approximately 5,000 square feet.  With multiple GCMS, HPLC, inorganic, and biologic capabilities, RPI Group is uniquely qualified to provide complimentary analytical support for RDCs (Remediation Design Characterizations),  “as you go” project evaluation, and post-injection monitoring.  All of these things are critical components of our “approach” and, without question, have led to our phenomenal track record.  Please note:  We are not a “certified laboratory” and never will be.  Compliance samples should always be sent to certified laboratories.