What Would You Like? Pictured: Scott Noland, President RPI Inc.; Bruce Tunnicliffe, President Vertex Environmental; Gary Simpson, Vice-President AST Environmental; Duane Guilfoil, President AST Environmental; Ed Winner, Vice-President RPI Inc.

What Would You Like?

It is impossible to replicate the excitement a child feels regarding Christmas. When you are very young, and Santa asks, “What would you like for Christmas?” it seems that the possibilities are limitless. To a child, all the world is open to one’s wishes. While I can’t help you recover that innocence and wonder, I can ask—what do you want? Well, perhaps that’s too broad a question. But what do you want from a remedy?

How about something that’s not dangerous? Actually, danger appealed to me as a child; nevertheless, safe is good. How about a remedy that continues to perform for months and even years after emplacement? This is good also. But what do you really want?

You want regulatory closure—no further action—the site closed!

In the 21 years that RPI Products have been in the market, they’ve achieved thousands of regulatory closures. So, “What would you like for Christmas?” How about a shiny new No Further Action?

Kind Regards,

Edward Winner, PhD
Vice President
Remediation Products, Inc.

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