When All You’re Shipping Is Water…

It’s kind of an occupational hazard, I read labels. It is surprising what you can learn. At $36 dollars a gallon or more, given the recent price increases, the most highly marketed colloidal carbon, petroleum ”remedy” contains a little more than 25% activated carbon. What’s the other 75% or so? Well, 68% is water.

When your product is 68% water, you do not advertise it – even if you advertise a lot!

According to the product website, each drum contains about 41-gallons. The product weighs 9.75 pounds per gallon, so that drum is about 400 pounds, yet it only contains 100 pounds of carbon, and you get to pay to ship the water.

With RPI® -Group, all we ship is carbon and you provide the water.


It’s official, all 18 claims of IET’s patent relating to the use of an organic hydrogen donor combined with zero-valent metal, (U.S. Patent 7,531,709) have been cancelled.  IET can no longer assert claims against RPI® , its clients, or anyone else, or collect royalties based on this patent.  All IET’s options for appeal have expired. Click here for the final written decision and click here to view the final order.

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Ed Winner, PhD
Vice President

Remediation Products, Inc.

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