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Who Gets Results Like This?

Well, Potesta & Associates ( did – AND they and the property owner have graciously permitted us to share the good news.

Potesta is an environmental consulting company with offices in West Virginia and Virginia. As part of an overall solution at an industrial site in West Virginia’s Voluntary Remediation Program, Potesta concentrated on remediating a relatively small source area of CVOC contamination. Easier said than done – approximately 900 days ago, total CVOCs at MW-1 were almost 48,000 ppb. As of April 9, 2021 (see the chronological data table) total CVOCs at MW-1 were 25 ppb.

Just as with larger scale projects, Potesta followed the RPI Group Approach by completing a RDC (Remediation Design Characterization) which included free analytical work provided by the RPI Group Project Support Laboratory. The small-scale RDC generated a BOS 100® injection design & implementation that significantly destroyed most of but not all the CVOCs at MW-1. In the interest of “taking this one home,” the property owner authorized CAT 100 injections approximately 18 months after the initial BOS 100 installation. Mission Accomplished!

To date, Potesta has utilized Trap & Treat® products at four project sites. Two projects (in Ohio & West Virginia) have achieved NFA (No Further Action) designations and the other two (including today’s feature project) are trending in the same direction. Potesta’s Dave Corsaro, (, said, “While all proven remedial technologies are effective at reducing contaminant levels, at least initially, sites are often cleaned up to near-NFA levels but never quite get there. We have been impressed with these products’ ability to actually get sites to closure.”

Many thanks to Potesta and the property owner for giving our products a shot.

Webinar: Please join us on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM (Mountain Daylight Time) for a 30 minute presentation by RPI Group’s Bill Brab, Senior Geologist with AST Environmental.  Bill will be talking about LNAPL Remediation Using BOS 200® at Petroleum Pipeline Release Site

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