who ya gonna cal for your contaminated property woes

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Recently, RPI was tasked with cleaning up a contaminated property rumored to be haunted. There was no identified responsible party. The town was in a panic. The property had been abandoned for years. Atop a hill sat a decrepit factory in the middle of the property, always shrouded in mist. The grounds were overgrown and littered with drums. It was something strange in the neighborhood.

On the morning of All Hallow’s Eve, RPI’s team of experts arrived at the property, armed with the latest technology and equipment, to begin characterization. They were dressed in protective gear, but they couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. After all, the rumors about the property were quite disturbing. Looking around, Scott said, “It’s something weird, and it don’t look good.” Duane replied, “I ain’t afraid of no site.”

The team began their work by surveying the property and identifying the areas of contamination. More than a hundred soil and groundwater samples were sent to the RPI laboratory to boost the site dataset, all at no additional cost to the property owner. These samples were integral to ensuring that they weren’t seeing things running through their heads but making decisions based on abundant, quantitative data. Just because they say an invisible man is sleeping in your bed – doesn’t make it so!

Throughout the cleanup process, the RPI team remained vigilant. The property was rumored to be haunted, but worst yet, it was known to be contaminated.

With attention to detail and the CAT 100 product, the RPI’s team successfully exorcised the property. The hazardous waste was removed, and the soil and groundwater were remediated. The mist lifted. The property was no longer something strange in the neighborhood but was safe for the community and redevelopment-ready. The mayor exclaimed, “Fantastic!” The town was pleased.

If you’re feeling all alone, pick up the phone and call RPI because we ain’t afraid of no site. Don’t get caught alone when vapor comes through your floor unless you want more; you better call RPI.

You shouldn’t fear our proposal!

Get your contaminated property evaluated for FREE and start your site remediation project today.

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Continue reading below for this month’s Featured Case Study and to checkout some highlights from the annual Kentucky Bourbon Chase.

Featured Case Study:

High Energy Remediation Techniques

This is a picture of 2.25-inch direct push cores sliced vertically. The black inclusions are BOS 200®. It is visually evident that the BOS 200 has distributed well using high energy, high flow techniques.

The Kentucky Bourbon Chase

For many years, RPI has run the Kentucky Bourbon Chase. As usual, the 2023 Bourbon Chase started with two vans of runners and runner’s supplies such as clothing and, more importantly, food. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we bound up the rolling hills of Kentucky. The winding tree-lined roads are beautiful, and the small towns are charming. In time, however, the miles wear upon our heroes. But they are not deterred, for the RPI Catalyst Team will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Crossing the finish line marks a time to party. We completed the job, sustained no injuries, and left no one behind. Not every team can make the same claim

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