Yet Again, BOS 100 Demonstrates PRB Performance Longevity

Back in the day, when simply getting an order for a new-fangled remediation product called BOS 100 was difficult, I was often retreating to my rental car (NOT in a leisure suit, thank you!) contemplating the accurate objections that there was no long-term performance data available for Trap & Treat® BOS 100. In those days, products with long track records (albeit poor track records in our estimation) were preferred over newer technologies because the mantra of potential customers was “at least we know what we can expect”.

If we have done nothing else over the past 17 years, RPI Group has raised long-term expectations for the performance BOS 100, CAT 100, and BOS 200 and proved it.

Today’s example is ~6 years of compelling data from a pilot test that moved on to full scale implementation of a BOS 100 PRB (Permeable Remediation Barrier) at a Superfund Site. Cool stuff happened here: Angled injections to address contaminated groundwater discharging to a stream (cake!). Please click here to learn all about what occurred and the data that resulted.
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Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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