Yet Another Long Term Trap & Treat® Success Story – This time, in Europe

Some 18 years ago, when Scott and I founded RPI, a show stopper was often our lack of long term site data for the performance of our “new” products. That ship has sailed!

Despite the longevity issue, plenty of folks tried our products early on and enjoyed immediate success with BOS 100® or BOS 200®. The next challenge for us was that our customers were achieving regulatory closure very quickly and there were simply no dollars/euros available to continue monitoring sites that were already off the books. Thousands of sites later, for one reason or another, we now have a growing list of sites that have been monitored for at least 5 years.

Today, we are featuring a European petrol station site that has certainly passed the test of time. Since 2015, Ejlskov A/S (RPI Group – Europe) has taken superlative care of this confidential site. The Ejlskov lead on this project was Giorgio Ceriani – Giorgio and the Ejlskov team did a great job!

To truly understand how the RPI Group Approach can work for you, click here to review this project summary. It’s a good one and we have more.

Kind Regards,

Bob Elliott
Remediation Products, Inc.

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