BOS 100


Trap & Treat® BOS 100®

Complete Remediation for Chlorinated Contamination

Option: Solutions that actually de-chlorinate

It’s easy to start environmental remediation for chlorinated contamination—so why don’t traditional in situ “solutions” ever finish the job?

Frustrated by the lack of effective, safe remediation products on the market, RPI set out to create a chlorinated contamination product that lives up to its promise. The result: cutting-edge BOS 100®.

Better Science, Fewer Health Risks

Traditional iron treatment of chlorinated soil contamination is slow and risky. Trap & Treat® BOS 100® achieves a faster and better result without further contaminating groundwater…in a simpler and more cost-effective process. No daughter products, no additional risk.

How It Works

BOS 100® “traps” contaminants, then treats them with a safe, effective reductive dechlorination process. The specially formulated particles protect groundwater throughout the cleanup cycle, completely neutralizing chlorinated contamination in less time and at less expense. Effective for a variety of chlorinated solvents, BOS 100® reactant quickly brings your property up to regulatory standards and remains active in the subsurface for an extended period of time.

What does that mean for users? No stress, no additional mess…smaller costs and dramatically reduced liability. Best of all, BOS 100® traps and treats groundwater and soil contamination the first time around!

BOS 100® Technical Description

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BOS 200 (page)

Trap & Treat® BOS 200®

Total Turnaround for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination

Can you afford an invasive, expensive, ineffective “solution” to your in situ remediation woes? We didn’t think so.

Our search for an effective, safe method of dealing with petroleum hydrocarbon pollution led to the development of a truly revolutionary product to trap contaminants and consume them. Our cutting-edge BOS 200® doesn’t just promise to eliminate petroleum hydrocarbon contamination—it delivers.

Fast Remediation That Keeps On Working

Unlike many hydrocarbon remediation products, BOS 200® was designed to work in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. BOS 200® cuts through the contamination with a specially formulated blend of activated carbon, sulfate reduction media, micronutrients, and facultative microbes. When the product is used, a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring microbes (Trap & Treat® Bacteria Concentrate) is added to speed up the remediation process. To calculate Bacteria Concentrate orders, multiply the number of pounds of Trap & Treat® BOS 200® by 0.001875. (Example: 2700 pounds x 0.001875 = approximately five gallons of Trap & Treat® Bacteria Concentrate.)

BOS 200® eats through pollution without eating through your budget or wasting precious time. Quick property transfers and reduced liability are just a few of the fringe benefits of BOS 200®, which is known for its safety, ease of use, and protection of surrounding property.

BOS 200® Technical Description

Questions? View our FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions.

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