In an industry that is often misunderstood and confusing, RPI® gives a straightforward approach to remediation. With years of successful experience as our foundation, we know what works and aren’t afraid to execute. We’re fueled by pioneering technology—which is a lifestyle around here, not just a buzzword—and building rock-solid relationships with our clients. We’re on your side. And like you, we want to get the job done as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible, with the outcome we expect: a cleaned-up site, stamped with an NFA seal of approval.


We’ve been challenging the status quo since Day 1—when we started Remediation Products, Inc. (RPI®) as a privately owned company in 2002. Our business model is different than what you’ll find with other in situ remediation product manufacturers, because we put quality control and installation first.

We’ve unquestionably proven that a remediation-specific investigation paired with one of our treatment products, BOS 100® or BOS 200®, and a quality installation almost always achieves project cleanup goals. 95% of first-time Trap & Treat® product users use the products again and again on additional projects. Our methods and solutions are supported by quantifiable data. We’ve formed a group of companies in the industry trained in the RPI® approach. Our approach works—because we go the extra mile.

So we’ll continue to push the science and industry of in situ remediation forward. We’ll keep asking not “What worked before?” but “How can we solve this problem better.” We’ll seek greater challenges, and come up with better, more creative solutions. We’ll educate the industry on the best approach. And we won’t stop until everyone wants what we want: goals that are actually met.