Trap & Treat® BOS 200+®

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BOS 200+® extends the capabilities of the time-tested, field-proven BOS 200®. We’ve expanded our proprietary consortium of facultative microbes. And we pre-condition the activated carbon base with complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and nutrients. As with BOS 200®, time-released terminal electron acceptors are also included. These changes support the vigorous and persistent decomposition of LNAPL, lube oils, crude oil, fuel oxygenates, alcohols, glycols, and cyclic ethers. The technology is a boon for significantly impacted sites and heavy hydrocarbons.

Through the select addition of carbohydrates, amino acids, and nutrients, BOS 200+® is the first and only remediation product that leverages microbial nutrition to generate metabolic products that degrade hydrocarbons and build a robust microbial community. The proprietary microbes supplied with BOS 200+® include known hydrocarbon degraders such as Pseudomonas and microbes that support the hydrocarbon degraders. The combination builds a hydrocarbon-degrading community organized around microbial metabolism. This is an entirely new approach to hydrocarbon remediation.

The RPI®, Trap and Treat system employs an activated carbon platform to adsorb toxic loads that defeat standard biological remedies. This same adsorption process also immediately cuts off exposure risk pathways. At the same time, a combination of microbes degrades the contamination to renew the activated carbon for additional adsorption. Furthermore, the microcosm functions in both aerobic and anaerobic subsurfaces. It works with and on behalf of the environment.

BOS 200+® contains no caustic, explosive, or toxic chemicals. It does not oxidize subsurface infrastructure. It produces no byproducts toxic to humans or wildlife. It is safe to handle, and post-remediation, it supports the environment by buffering groundwater geochemistry and controlling characteristics such as pH, desiccation rate, and the dissolved concentration of various chemicals and ions.

BOS 200+® Support for nature’s microbial workers

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