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BOS 200+® extends the capabilities of the time-tested, field-proven BOS 200®. Our expanded, proprietary consortium of facultative microbes supplemented by complex carbohydrates and amino acids, supports vigorous and persistent decomposition of LNAPL, lube oils, crude oil, fuel oxygenates, alcohols, glycols, and cyclic ethers. The technology is specifically developed for significantly impacted sites and heavy hydrocarbons. The activated carbon platform is pre-conditioned with nutrients and time-release terminal electron acceptors to provide for an enhanced microbial community.

BOS 200+® is the first and only engineered technology that links stoichiometric nutrient and microbial nutrition to energy transfer, thereby stimulating a microcosm that synergistically degrades contaminants while renewing the activated carbon platform. The activated carbon adsorbs toxic loads that defeat standard biological remedies. The microcosm functions in both the aerobic and anaerobic subsurface. It works with and on behalf of the environment.

BOS 200+® contains no caustic, explosive, or toxic chemicals. It does not oxidize subsurface infrastructure. It produces no toxic byproducts. It is safe to handle, and post-remediation it supports the environment by buffering groundwater geochemistry, and by controlling characteristics such as pH, desiccation rate, and the dissolved concentration of various chemicals and ions.

BOS 200+® Support for nature’s microbial workers


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