Trap & Treat® BOS 100®

It’s easy to start environmental remediation for chlorinated contamination—so why don’t traditional in situ “solutions” ever finish the job?

Frustrated by the lack of effective, safe remediation products on the market, RPI® set out to create a chlorinated contamination product that lives up to its promise. The result: cutting-edge BOS 100®.

Dry Cleaner


BOS 100® is a Trap & Treat® in situ remediation technology specifically designed to degrade chlorinated solvents. It is a unique material manufactured from high grade virgin carbons (intended for use in food or drinking water applications). The food grade carbon is impregnated with metallic iron formed under reducing conditions at a temperature of roughly 850 degrees C. At this temperature, as the metallic iron is formed it partially dissolves into the carbon forming a new and unique material with properties of both the carbon and iron but with capabilities exceeding ZVI in terms of rates of destruction and the range of halogenated compounds it can degrade. As manufactured, the product contains roughly 6.5% (wt) metallic iron. Reaction end products include dissolved iron, chloride, and a series of unregulated gases such as ethylene and methane. The product is insensitive to groundwater geochemistry (e.g. pH, oxidation-reduction potential).


BOS 100® “traps” contaminants, then treats them with a safe, effective reductive dechlorination process. The specially formulated particles protect groundwater throughout the cleanup cycle, completely degrading chlorinated contamination in less time and at less expense. Effective for a variety of chlorinated solvents, BOS 100® reactant quickly brings your property up to regulatory standards and remains active in the subsurface for an extended period of time.

What does that mean for users? No stress, no additional mess…smaller costs and dramatically reduced liability. Best of all, BOS 100® traps and treats groundwater and soil contamination the first time around!

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