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It’s in our name… Remediation Products Inc.

Many remediation companies, Regenesis, Provectus, Cascade, IET, Tersus, and Evonik, produce products. Remediation Products Inc. (RPI® Group) produces results. Our focus is on closing contaminated sites and attaining a “No further action (NFA) letter” or closure letter from the appropriate agency. RPI® Group and our installers, like AST Environmental, focus on the end goal by coupling quality products with experienced staff and proven installation techniques. We are so confident in our processes that RPI® provides free analytical laboratory support from the RPI® laboratory for our remediation projects.

95% of first-time Trap & Treat® product users choose RPI® products on additional projects. When considering your remediation options, select the team that focuses on site closure and provides the analytical data that proves your success. Choose the RPI® Group.

Experience the difference when you choose Trap & Treat® for your site remediation project.

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