Effective In-Situ Remediation Is No Surprise

Remember the bad old days when a hastily-assembled injection plan and a prayer were the tools of choice for tough remediation projects? Combining the world’s most effective remediation products with precision injection techniques, the RPI-Group is working to make the old way a bad memory.

Take a recent on-site success at a former rental car service station in Kentucky. BOS 200® was used to completely remediate benzene contamination across a 7,000-foot area. This came as no surprise to Bill Johnston, Principal Geologist at Linebach Funkhouser, Inc.

“I’d like to say ‘wow’, I’ve never seen anything like this, but we see similar BOS 200® results at almost every project,” said Bill. “On the rare occasion that the results are not as robust, it’s usually because of a miscalculation in the design, inadequate soil or groundwater data or we have mechanical or lithologic issues.  This product rocks!”

Read the entire report here.

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