Welcome to our new microbiology lab where we explore the next frontiers of remediation technology

Forging the Frontier of Remediation Technology

A Journey of Discovery with RPI: Unveiling the Interplay of Geology, Activated Carbon, and Microorganisms 

At the heart of science is the love of discovery—a love that fuels the quest to unravel the world’s mysteries. Since RPI first introduced the use of activated carbon for in situ remediation in 2001, our world has revolved around the innovative use of activated carbon in remediation.

Building upon our success with activated carbon-based technology and providing full-service analytical laboratory support on all our projects, we have diligently sought to understand the synergy between geology, activated carbon, and microorganisms, where a revolution in environmental restoration is happening. To this end, we’ve established the RPI Environmental Microbiology Laboratory in Midway, Kentucky. We are starting small, but we are thinking big—we firmly believe that the next frontier in remediation technology is within our grasp.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, our laboratory is a hub of scientific prowess, facilitating basic molecular biology, microbiology, and computational data analysis.

With next-generation sequencing, we unravel the microbial tapestry of a sample and anticipate its potential for contaminant degradation. Focused gene expression analysis goes beyond identifying microbial residents. It reveals their actions and provides insights into microbial responses to environmental cues. Our visual arsenal spans from light and dark field to fluorescence, confocal, and scanning electron microscopy. These tools allow us to witness microbial changes and community development in the laboratory and the intricate subsurface environment. Imagine gazing at a boring log and discerning the location of bacteria, the surrounding mineral structure, and identifying specific chemicals all in the same sample without disrupting those associations. The knowledge RPI is gaining discloses the essentials of more sustained, robust degradation processes and will form the basis of new remediation technology and enhancements to existing products. (For Example: All carbons are NOT the same. Click to read more.)

We believe that the RPI Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is a vital step forward in our journey of discovery. By unlocking the secrets of the microbial world, we can develop more effective and sustainable solutions for a cleaner, healthier planet.

As you look to the future, keep your eyes on RPI, where discovery is underway.

Kind Regards,

Ed Winner, PhD, Vice President
Remediation Products, Inc.



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