About This Project

Industrial site where BOS 100® was injected and facilitated Remediation for a Real Estate Transaction FAST


Historical Industrial activities resulted in two separate chlorinated volatile organic compound (cVOCs) plumes in the groundwater at the site. An upcoming property transaction (in <6 months) required treatment of the groundwater impacts to meet stringent Ministry standards.

Key Details

Location: Industrial Property in the Greater Toronto Area
Contaminant: Chlorinated Ethenes and Ethanes
Concentration: Dissolved Phase Groundwater Impacts (up to 1,000 µg/L)
Lithology: 10ft Thick Layer of Saturated Silty Sands Above Limestone Bedrock


  • Trap and Treat® BOS 100® was selected due to the short time frame (<6 months) needed for the site’s remediation for a real estate transaction and meet stringent Ministry standards.
  • Acquired all relevant permits to complete the in-situ remediation program.
  • Injected 5,400 lbs of BOS 100® into a grid of 135 temporary points over 14 days onsite.
  • Field schedule spread out the injection over 2 months to allow for consultant interim sampling.
  • Adjusted injection program based on pilot-test results and interim sampling results.


  • Site remediation completed on time.
  • All cVOCs impacts treated to ministry standards.
  • The site’s remediation for a real-estate transaction successful.


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