‘Tis the season for big announcements…

Today Remediation Products, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new Quality Assurance Center. The facility is the first of its kind and will provide low- or no-cost analytical services in support of BOS 100® and BOS 200® applications.

The Quality Assurance Center embodies our approach to in situ remediation…because great products only work when they’re combined with rigorous analysis and application techniques.

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Bob Elliott
CEO, Remediation Products. Inc.


Remediation Products, Inc. Launches Quality Assurance Center
New facility to provide unprecedented in situ remediation project support

For Immediate Release

Golden, Colorado – Remediation Products, Inc. (RPI) announced today that it has expanded its research and development laboratory to create the RPI-Group Quality Assurance Center in Golden, Colorado. The facility, the first of its kind, is dedicated to providing low- or no-cost analytical services in support of Trap & Treat® BOS 100® and BOS 200® in situ remediation projects. Open to all RPI-Group members, the facility represents RPI’s unmatched commitment to successful cleanups.

“The secret of our environmental remediation success goes beyond providing highly effective products,” said Bob Elliott, Chief Executive Officer of RPI. “Our approach to in situ remediation requires supplemental samples before, during and after each Trap & Treat® project. Insufficient vertical delineation is a leading cause of failed in situ remediation, particularly in the saturated zone.” Elliott notes that RPI’s Quality Assurance Center is not a commercial laboratory – compliance samples should always be sent to certified labs. Nonetheless, the data provided there is of high quality and its price point will doubtless attract RPI’s many friends in the environmental industry.

This announcement comes on the heels of RPI’s recent creation of the RPI-Group, a first-of-its-kind quality assurance network consisting of authorized installers, certified trainers, regulators, and environmental consultants dedicated to ensuring the highest possible results from applications of BOS 100® and BOS 200® every time. “Sooner or later, owners of contaminated properties will no longer accept lengthy remediation approaches,” says Elliott. “RPI-Group members are achieving regulatory closure now. Environmental remediation isn’t expensive when it works.”

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Founded in 2002, Remediation Products Inc. is a leading supplier of in-situ remediation products in North America and beyond. The Golden, CO-based company’s trademarked products include Trap & Treat® BOS 100® for solvent remediation in soil and groundwater and Trap & Treat® BOS 200® for fuel-hydrocarbon remediation in soil and groundwater. RPI’s products have built a significant track record by rapidly returning contaminated properties to their highest economic potential, saving clients money and leading more than 95 percent of Trap & Treat® customers to choose RPI products again and again.