Ejlskov A/S opnår fantastiske resultater med BOS 200® i Danmark

What’s Danish for “fuggedaboutit?” That’s what we exclaimed when we learned that an active petrol fueling center in Denmark had considered traditional “dig and haul” tactics for free-phase LNAPL contamination. To the rescue? RPI-Group member Ejlskov A/S and BOS 200®, which arrived on site ready to eliminate LNAPL from soil and groundwater and reduce groundwater contamination to below strict residential standards.

650 injection points later, LNAPL has been completely removed, and the site is well on its way to compliance with local groundwater standards. Better yet, the client is amazed with theresults—the best they’ve ever seen in such a short period of time.

“At Ejlskov A/S, we have used almost all of the in situ products and techniques over time,” says Palle Ejlskov, CEO of Ejlskov A/S. “The effectiveness of Trap & Treat® BOS 100® and BOS 200® is stunning in all its simplicity.”

BOS 200® is truly emerging as a leading in situ remedy for LNAPL in North America and Europe.  Site closures are being achieved and the list of future projects that will be supplied with BOS 200® continues to grow.

From “dig and haul” to “Trap & Treat®”…we like the sound of that in any language!

Learn more at www.trapandtreat.com and www.ejlskov.com