Thank You

As Fall sets in, it’s appropriate to reminisce. The years have left their mark on us, but they’ve been good ones. When Bob and I started RPI over 20 years ago, we wanted to bring together the best products, processes, and people to change the in situ injection market. The alliteration was Bob’s idea, but it summed up our goal. Over the years, as we’ve developed our products, grown the laboratory, and designed injection processes that are unique in the industry, we’ve also made genuine friends. I tend to focus on the next task and the future – a characteristic that leaves little space for reminiscing. Still, when I slow down and review the years, I am thankful for the individuals and companies who’ve worked with us.

Individuals such as Tom Harp, one of our first proponents, entrusted us with many sites on which we refined our processes. Alpine Remediation, Inc. became RPI’s first approved installer. Gary Simpson and others at AST Environmental, Inc. took my original injection trailer design and raised it to a new level, creating what is and continues to be the most sophisticated injection system in the world. Ray Boyle was the inspiration and technician of our bedrock injection process. (Ray has some great stories!) Other people’s contributions should be named, yet there are too many “others” to list, so forgive my omissions. I quietly thank each of you as memories of events and kindness pass through my mind.

I embrace many people when I name companies. RPI Group has many alliances with consulting firms, including some that no longer exist as independent companies, such as Radian Engineering, URS, LTE, and Earth Tech, along with many who are still with us today—AECOMWoodStantecS&MEKleinfelderTerraconShieldTRC, and again, too many others to list. I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t highlight the core RPI Group of companies: US-based companies ASTAlpineBB&AEjlskov in Denmark; and Vertex in Canada; and our growing relationship with Legion Drilling (formerly Numac) in Australia. A week doesn’t pass without my being amazed and pleased with their imagination, drive, and excellence. I am thankful to know and work with such people.

Each individual and entity has enhanced RPI. And beyond business, your genuine friendship has enriched my life, and for this, I am thankful. I anticipate working with each of you in the future as we continue to bring together the best people, products, and processes in the business.

Kind Regards,

Scott Noland

Remediation Products, Inc.

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