The Heart of Our Business

*Pictured: Jason Ritenour chemist in front of a VOA GC/MS system in RPI’s Golden Laboratory

At RPI, we focus on restoring the environment by developing effective products. Each product is continuously tested. Field data are closely examined. These inquiries inform product updates and new designs.

We operate a high-capacity laboratory with full GCMS and selected inorganic analytical capabilities in Golden, Colorado. These lab services are available to all our customers at no cost for remedial design characterization and performance monitoring sample analyses. The lab is unique in its ability to conduct wet-activated carbon analysis. And presently, we are expanding our capabilities in microbiology to further product development.

RPI prioritizes the safe and enjoyable use of the natural and built environment. We are proud of our contribution to protecting and restoring the environment for future generations. Our efforts are informed by data and motivated by the responsibility we bear to those we love and the world we’ll leave them.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Ed Winner, PhD, Vice President
Remediation Products, Inc.

Doggerel for Our Valentines

On this day of love, I vow to thee,
To help heal your groundwater, and set it free,
from chemicals soaked deep in the earth,
to pollutants that linger, with some causing hurt.
So let us work together, hand in hand,
And make this groundwater clean and grand.



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