RPI Group Spotlight: AST Environmental

AST Environmental was the first RPI Group member for a reason—their expertise in in situ remediation is second to none. Headquartered in Springboro, OH, AST is Remediation Products, Inc.’s national distributor and Trap & Treat® method trainer.

With an over 20-year track record, AST prides itself on its results-driven model and its effective services. With over 35 pieces of heavy equipment and specialized environmental equipment, AST is centrally located and ready to serve the Mid-Western, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern States within the Continental United States. AST combines the right products (BOS 100® and BOS 200®) with the right remedial approach and the right implementation to achieve cleanup goals on well over 90% of its Trap & Treat® projects.

Learn more about AST Environmental at astenvironmental.com or contact Duane Guilfoil directly at dguilfoil@astenvironmental.com or 859.846.4900 to get started on your in situ remediation project today.

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